This program has been a great experience for my daughter. My 11 year old daughter Aleira was already struggling with some depression and social skills but with great mentors in this organization she has been able to be more confident in who she is and feel better as well. I am thankful


SWAG is an amazing group to be apart of . With the help of SWAG I was provided with inspiration on becoming a social justice advocate. My horizons were expanded when it came to college research when given the opportunity to visit Spelman College 


This program is what the young girls of Philadelphia needed. This program enlightens the youth through mentoring, tutoring, life skills and college prep workshops. The program is hands on in showing and preparing the the girls in the program for life. I Highly recommend this stellar organization



Successful Women Achieving Goals Services

Board Members

Our Board members are highly trained professionals, with expertise in many areas.

Program Director 

Taurell Butts

Legal Coordinator

Brittney Gardner

Creative Arts Coordinator

Julbeth  Madera


Sponsors and Community Partners

Aetna Better Health, Health Partners, Wawa, Walmart, Oxymorphone House, Enterprise, Ellis Trust For Girls, The Awesome Foundation,Bread and Roses Foundation and Femme Hair Story Salon.


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